I’m over The Donald. 

This election year is truly awful. I have to keep reminding myself that due to the magic of the InterWeb, we not only have more information, we have more misinformation. (I don’t know why my brother bothered with all those years of med school. Apparently all you need to know about medicine can be found on Google.) And it’s a funny thing-I’m not so sure having more information is helpful to electing Presidents. I keep wondering if Reagan would have been elected in the age of Twitter. 

It may not be that the candidates are the worst ever. It may just be that we know more about the candidates than we ever have before. 

Having said that, I have wasted an extraordinary amount of time puzzling over how The Donald got the GOP nomination, and once he did, what we were going to do about it. IT DISTURBS ME. I’m someone who likes to come up with solutions to problems, and the candidacy of Donald Trump is a problem. Which I certainly can’t solve. 

I have come to two conclusions after months of mumbling to myself, writing, fretting, and insomnia over his campaign. 

1) He got the nomination because he figured out the way to win was to appeal to our collective reptilian brain. The Donald resides in the right hemisphere of our amygdala. That is all. 

2) I am done, over, kaput, fini with pretending in any way that his candidacy for President should be taken seriously. It’s just ridiculous. If you’re voting for him, my response to you is…come on. Get the eff out of here. If you are a thinking person, who has access to other news channels than Fox, there’s no way you can do it. You may PRETEND to vote for him. I understand. You’re a loyal Republican. But once you step in that voting booth there is no way in hell you’re going to vote for that ridiculous man. 

Like a toddler having a tantrum, I think we must cease giving him any attention. It only makes the screaming worse, gives him more fuel. It’s time to give this ass-hat who’s too stupid to realize how dangerous he has become the cold shoulder. 

We need to ask ourselves why we are giving this big brat our ear. He is truly not worthy of our attention. Here’s a few reasons why:

1) He’s not a serious person. We need a serious person to be President. 

2) He takes himself seriously. He lacks self-deprecation. This, given his life choices, is quite alarming. 

3) He is ostentatious and has poor taste. Taste counts. 

4) He’s a con. It’s common knowledge in the New York real estate world what a bullshit artist he is. (I have an impeccable source on this). 

5) He is a truly terrible businessman. It takes a real genius to lose money owning a casino. 

6) He has never held office. A city councilman has more experience governing than he.

7) He’s running on the principle that his experience in business will be enough to run the country. I shouldn’t have to say that running a business and governing a country are two different matters. There isn’t a CEO in the world who has to deal with the House and Senate. 

8) He doesn’t grasp how our government works. 

9) This deportation business. Look. We have precedent for this. Just ask what happened when Georgia and Alabama tried it. We need these workers. They account for about a third of our agricultural work force. 

10) He doesn’t like to read. Which means he is driven by hearsay. 

11) His vocabulary is appalling. 

12) His foundation which bears his name has not received any funds from him since 2009. He paid a campaign contribution of $25,000.00 to a candidate in Florida who was going to bring a lawsuit against him. Out of his charitable foundation. No. 

13) Trump University 

14) Trump Steaks 

15) The Miss Universe pageant. 


17) Three marriages are not a sign of good decision making. Ask anyone who’s been married three times. They’ll tell ya. 

18) The “my wife is hotter than your wife” crap he pulled with Ted Cruz is reflective of the temperament of a 12-year old. 

19) He won’t release his tax returns. Honestly. Please remember that this is the man who said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any supporters. I guess he considers his tax returns a bigger liability than a murder charge. 

20) He is petty. He sweats all the small stuff. Who has time for a crisis in the Gulf if you’re smarting over a personal insult?

I’m getting tired now. This list is endless and I feel I’m just getting started.

So I’m going to stop. I’m just over it. I’m over him. He’s not worth my consideration or yours. Don’t worry about him. Just worry about supporting the Democratic ticket, from the Presidency to the House. Put your energy into making sure people turn out to vote. This will take care of the stone in our shoe. 

The only way to make America great again is to wait out this clown, so he will disappear from our political landscape. Truly, we cannot be a self-respecting nation by pretending he’s a real player.  #ignore

2 thoughts on “I’m over The Donald. 

  1. I only read this because I love you. The silly season will be over soon. God help us all. In the end, these guys are just puppets. My larger fear~Supreme Court Justice. Love to see you writing. When are you going to publish out story?

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