The State Of The Left Hemisphere

My Fellow Americans,

Words. I’m going to say some words now. Big, beautiful words.

Words. Here are, some more words. I didn’t write these words. These words are lame. Lame words. I’m going to say some words of mine. My words…are big words. They are. They really, really are words. Thank you. Yes. You know it’s true. You know it. Hi.

Words and words words words. Words! My words, got the biggest, brightest, most beautiful words…ever. Everrrrr. Because they’re words. They’re words in the United States of America. They’re words.

Duct tape coyote barbed wire not concrete beautiful steel wall unity. That’s right. That’s right. And ICE. ICCCCCCE. I like that word so much I’ll say it again. ICCCCCCCCCCCE. Here’s another word no wait. Not yet. No. Never forget. We’ll never forget words. And ICE.

Words First Lady. There she is. There she is. First Lady words. First Lady words. You know it’s true. Beautiful ICE Lady Coyote Words.

Coyote. Kiiiiyeeeohteeee. What a beautiful word coyote is. I know what it means now. I’ll say it some more. Coyote words.

Unity. Unity unity unity. Witch hunt. Division. No. My words. My words.

Job words. North Korea. I saved the words, Ladies and gentlemen. It was all me. I saved the words.

WORDS! Thank you. Thank you. Duct tape duct tape more duct tape words. Yeah. Oh yeah. Duct tape wuuuurrrrds.

Do you know. Do you? Do you know words? I know words. I know words better than anyone. You know it’s true that I know these words. I know these words. I do I know them. These. Words.

What. Words are….some…maybe my words. Maybe mine. My. Words.

Job words. Cheap drug words. But no drug words wall words illegal drugs legal drugs illegal immigrants legal immigrants good words. Words are fun. Isn’t she great.

Can-sirrr. Can-sir. Cancer words and vets and hospital words. Good. Those words work. Those words work. Okkk…

So here we are words. Greatest great greatest great words. Greatest words ever. I’m wonderful words.

Words. God words. Unity words. Rip babies democratic murderer governor racist murdering governor execute baby words. Unity.

It’s all good words. I’m perfect words. I’m a blessing words. Bless bless god blessed you with me words. You know he did. Yes. Words today. Words tomorrow. Just words, that’s it. That’s all words and beautiful words.

Democrats don’t have words. They just don’t have words. They don’t.

Good night.